Friday, 15 March 2013

School Exchange with RGS Worcester

We are about to leave ....

Next Monday 18 March 22 of our 3rd , 4th year ESO and 1st year Bach students  together with two teachers of the English Department will be travelling to England on a school exchange with  RGS Worcester , which our school has been running for 7 years now and which  has proved to be a really successful initiative up to the present.
RGS was originally founded in Worcester around 685 by Bishop Bosel, making it the fifth oldest school in the United Kingdom and the sixth oldest in the world. In 1265, the first written reference to the school appears, when Walter of Cantelupe, Bishop of Worcester, appointed four chaplains to go out to teach in the school, rather than teaching from within the Precincts of the Cathedral.

Fast forward to 1561, when the school received its first Royal Charter, which ensured that the school was endowed permanently with a governing body known as the Six Masters. A second Royal Charter was granted in 1843 by Queen Victoria, with the tile of 'Royal' being conferred in 1869. 

 Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, also visited the school in 1961, providing a neat symmetry of royal visits.
In 2007, RGS merged with the girls-only Alice Ottley School, which has also been a landmark within the city for well over 100 years.

We are ever so excited. Hopefully everything will come out really well - partners are looking forward to meeting each other, though lots of chatting has already been going on  ....