Tuesday, 14 April 2015


One more year our school has organized an exchange with the ROYAL GRAMMAR SCHOOL from Worcester , England.

In London with a very weird man
Our students visited the school last March. Things went perfectly well , just as usual . However this year we were ever so lucky with the British weather !!

The British host families did their best to make us feel at home. Our students really enjoyed their stay in England.

The group today at Zaragoza Airport

Today we have said goodbye to our English partners. Time has flown away really quickly. The RGS students arrived in Zaragoza last 7 April.
They have also enjoyed a week full of activities and visits and an awfully wonderful Spanish weather.

The Spanish families have been ever so helpful and have made things really easy for our British children.

Hopefully , a new exchange will take place next year again. Ask your English teachers for information because the experience is really worth it!

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