Sunday, 17 April 2016


Do you know much about Shakespeare? 

What do you know about his life?  How many plays did he write? 

CLICK HERE  and watch a video about his life and some of his most famous plays.

Now watch  videos of three of his most famous plays . 

Probably, the most famous one is Romeo and Juliet . 
You know the story, don´t you? It tells the story of two families who lived in Verona, Italy. They were enemies and would not stop fighting. 
But you remember their names?   

CLICK HERE and watch the video.

Another one of his famous palys takes place in Scotland. It tells the story of a very ambitious man called Macbeth.  

Three witches tell Macbeth about his future. Do you know what they tell him ? 

CLICK HERE and watch the video.

The third play we want you to know about is called Hamlet.  Who is Hamlet?  

Is he crazy or is he pretending? Whose ghost does he see at the beginning of the play? 

CLICK HERE and watch the video.